these files by Robin Meier and Frederic Voisin are freely distributed...


by Robin Meier, CIRM, august 2005

For MaxMSP-Jitter, a Recurrent Oscillatory Self Organising Map (ROSOM)with a help file.

last update: 08 08, 2004

download jit.rosom (zip file, for Mac OSX, Windows)

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by Robin Meier, CIRM, april 2004

For MaxMSP-Jitter, a Self Organising Feature Map with a help file and samples files. Reimplementation of SOFM (below) using Jitter

last update: 04 15th, 2004

download jit.robosom (zip file, for Mac OSX, Windows)

download jit.robosom (sit file, for Mac OS9)




by Robin Meier, CIRM, july 2003

For MaxMSP, a Self Organising Feature Map with a help file and sample file. The Kohonen network, beta version (Max 4.2, Mac OS 10.2).

last update: aug 30th, 2003

download (.sit file, 296 Kb)


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by Frederic Voisin, may 2003

For MaxMSP, a PERCEPTRON with a school exemple. Work in both binary and float domains.

see: perceptron

download fperceptron1
(tar file for Max 4.2 with Mac OS 10.2)

first presentation at PRISMA 2nd international workshop, Tempo Reale, Firenze (Italy), January 28th, 2003


by Frederic Voisin, 2004-2005

For OpenMCL in GNU Linux, UNIX, Darwin, windows.
Including perceptron, multilayered perceptron(MLP), recurrent MLP, N-dimensionnal Self-Organizing Map (SOM),
Recurrent Oscillatory Self Organizing Map (ROSOM) and UDP.

code transitional from neuromuse#0.lisp, in progress.

neuromuse1.tar source code (81920 bytes)

Written using slime in GNU emacs


by Frederic Voisin, 1999

As it is, for Macintosh Common Lisp (Mac OS (9.x and 10.2). The original code developped since 1999. Kernel running under Lisp for UNIX and Windows. Still in progress...Help, Documentation and tutorials comming.

2005: release for OpenMCL (neuromuse#1) on the go.

neuromuse#0.2 source code.

presented at PRISMA 1st international workshop (IRCAM, 1999).

Performed in real-time for live music and dance (see neuromuse#0 page)

neurOMuse, for OpenMusic

by Frederic Voisin, 2003

neurOMuse OM Lib page

neurOMuse v. 1 (compressed (sit) file, 221 k)